The Education Consultancy Services 

Education is an important part of everyone’s life. What kind of education we receive critically affects what jobs we get later in our lives and what earnings we have. Lifelong learning is important in acquiring new knowledge and upgrading one’s skills, particularly in this age of rapid technological and economic changes. The educational services we provide people with include a variety of institutions that offer academic education, career and technical instruction, and other education and training to thousands of students each year. Since 2007, Global Bridge Educational Center has launched educational consultancy to provide quality service to students whose endeavor is to earn qualifications overseas. Our objective is to meet students’ needs for training and international education. Our services include:
• education counseling
• placement services to customers who wish to take short-term training courses
• allowing participation in summer programmes
• leading through the process of applying for studying with IGCSE / IB /A levels, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes abroad.
We offer different flexible educational packages to meet the specific needs of all our clients. Our qualified advisers provide unbiased educational counseling and help you at any stage of the application procedure. As a reliable partner of globally recognized educational institutions, we can help our Armenian students study in more than 500 educational institutions worldwide. Today, GB also organizes teacher training courses ensuring that the world known experts share their knowledge and experience with teachers in Armenia making it possible to start working with more student-centered and inquiry based teaching approaches at schools.