Baby Park Child Development Centre

BabyPark is a centre dedicated to discovering young children's talents and to encouraging the development of them. 

Baby Park Child Development Centre provides secure environment for children between 18 months to six years of age supporting their growth and development. Our curriculum helps to develop knowledge of Armenian, Russian and English languages in a playful and enjoyable way without burdening children with formal-type education. At the same time, we deliver preparatory classes for preschool learners (aged 5 to 6) to help them integrate into formal education system.

Our handicraft, dance, drama and storytelling classes support social and emotional development of a child, reveal inborn creativity and talents. Via play children learn about the treasures of world culture, discover themselves and the world around. 

We believe that all children are born with a talent and we help discover that talent, encourage development of it and nurture it.  

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