Online English Courses

Online English Language Courses are conducted by CELTA qualified language trainers.

The courses we are offering are

· General English,
· Business English,
· Academic Writing Skills,
· Business Writing Skills.

General and Business English Courses develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and also include grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Academic and Business Writing Courses focus on appropriate style and provide "template" styles to be used in writing.

General English Courses are offered from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced levels.

Business English Courses are offered from Intermediate to Advanced levels.

Each level lasts for 3 months and requires 6-8 hours of work per week.

The required minimum level of English knowledge is Intermediate for those planning to enroll into Academic or Business Writing Skills Courses. Each of these courses lasts 1-2 months and requires 6 hours of work per week.

You will need to come to our office initially to do a placement test.

Online English Courses