One of the strengths of Global Bridge Educational Center is math. We are proud of our math teachers who have substantial experience in both research and teaching. They have dedicated their time and energy to the future of our nation preparing some of our brightest students to excel themselves at leading high schools and universities in Armenia and around the world. Math requires a combination of knowledge, refined teaching methodology and logical reasoning, things that have been the cornerstones of our math courses since the birth of our educational enterprise.

At the moment, consistent with our traditional approach to rigorous training and innovative methods, our teachers, some of whom hold PhDs and simultaneously teach at institutions of higher learning, conduct one-to-one as well as group lessons.

In addition to regular school curriculum, we prepare students to sit for international exams, such as SAT, GRE, GMAT. An individual approach, continuous assessment and attention to detail are guaranteed as part of our teaching services in the field of math.