Global Bridge Educational Complex declares the following to be its core values and encourages both its staff and students to internalize them to represent the values that we hold dear in the best possible way:

  • Capacity building

     In the ever globalizing and competitive world we live in, one’s success largely depends on the amalgamation of their skills and abilities, professional competences, leadership experience and learning habits. In other words, the more aggressively we are able to tap into our talent pool and the more efficiently we help the gifted students discover their potential, the better future outcomes we are bound to obtain. This is the reason why we constantly invite students to sign up for evening courses as well as extracurricular activities, get engaged in a variety of ways, seek advice and guidance from our most helpful and friendly teachers and staff.

    Guest lectures, seminars, additional classes and round tables, the debate club and our expanding athletics program are all aimed at revealing the strengths of our students, leading them to achievements, addressing their weaknesses, thinking creatively, developing problem-solving skills. Capacity building is a long-term strategy and has thus been chosen as one of our core values.

  • Integrity

      Global Bridge Educational Complex is dedicated to academic, professional as well as personal integrity. We attach great value to such concepts as intellectual property, recognition for hard work, appreciation of national and universal cultural heritage and values, humanism and patriotism. Our long-term aims and objectives include, but are not limited to, grooming generations of responsible citizens that are creative and confident. Thus, integrity encompasses much more than fairness and moral principles. Our cultural programs, the close relationships that our teachers attempt to build with our students principally target integrity.

  • Reciprocity

     Global Bridge was founded with the hope that it will be built and developed through collective efforts-mutual help and respect, individual efforts reinforced and recognized by the community of teachers and administrators. The trajectory of our success and growth has convinced us sound relationships are most important for the purpose continuous professional betterment and improved educational services. Consequently, it does not come as a surprise that reciprocity has been selected as one of our core values. We encourage independence and critical thinking but, at the same time, dearly value mutuality and teamwork.