Global Bridge Educational Complex is an enthusiastic advocate of life-long education. We strongly believe in the capacity of individuals to grow professionally throughout their adult lives and hence do our best to help them achieve throughout their careers.

     Although our main specialty is teaching foreign languages and math and our chief objective is to become one of the leading private schools on the international scene, what we find very important is to extend the best possible learning opportunities and professional development courses to working adults on a rolling basis and in flexible terms.

     For the purpose of fostering life-long education, we offer certificate-based courses such as IT, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Search Engine Optimization, Business English, Academic Writing etc. We encourage groups of professionals or students to submit group applications with the desired number of courses, specializations, teachers, group members as well as the preferred duration of the course and the expected length of the lessons specified: they will be taken into consideration before an offer of study with specific terms and conditions is made on our part.

     Our networking capabilities and long-established partnerships allow us to design courses tailored to the needs and expectations of the candidates whether they are beginners in their respective realms aspiring to enter the workforce or experienced individuals aiming at promotions and/or being ahead of the game through further education. Our cooperation with multiple teachers and practitioners from leading institutions and organizations has led to teaching achievements on multiple occasions, which is a strong testimony to our commitment to deliver.

     To register your interest or to make an inquiry, contact us by phone (01111999911) or pay a visit.