Summer programs

Global Bridge Educational Complex, consistent with its mission and values, fosters international cooperation, student exchange and intercultural communication. This is one of the primary reasons why we have spared no effort in establishing multiple partnerships to provide our students with study abroad opportunities during the summer.

Presently, we offer summer school programs in Madrid and Prague as well as a summer camp in Dilijan. These opportunities are open to everyone interested in an educational summer escape. Our short-term summer programs have a number of key objectives and advantages. Firstly, students learn to be independent away from home and hone their teamwork skills through collaborative activities. Second, they broaden their horizons by visiting a foreign country, learning their language, being immersed in the culture of the host society. Last but not least, students reflect on their previous cultural and social experiences gaining a new appreciation of their own culture.

During our summer programs, the participants have a unique opportunity to become cultural ambassadors and make friends with their peers from abroad. Various study and cultural visits, participation in events and activities, such as athletic competitions, intellectual, indoor and outdoor games, educational visits, excursions and sightseeing tours further enrich the valuable learning journey you will be on.


Why Madrid?

Madrid-the capital of Spain-is a marvelous destination for the purpose of study and holiday. Home to numerous museums and cultural events, athletic clubs, institutions such as dazzling flamenco performances, the Museum of Prado and Real Madrid C.F., the top-ranked IE Business School to name but a few, Madrid is the answer to your prayers. In addition, you will relish the impressive monuments of contemporary architecture of the city, such as Cuatro Torres Business Area, Matadero Madrid, MediLab Prado or Ciudad del BBVA.


Why Prague?

If your aim is to immerse in language learning and spend unforgettable holidays gawping at the matchless beauty of sophisticated architecture, then you will surely opt for our summer program in Prague. The mesmerizing beauty of St Giles Church, Old Town Bridge Tower, the Vrtba Garden, the Statue of Franz Kafka are bound to render you speechless. In addition to the enjoyment of eternal architecture, you will benefit from program-related activities and learning a great deal.


Why Dilijan?

Dilijan has traditionally been one of the top tourist destinations in Armenia. Surrounded with lush green vastness, the area is famous for its resorts, mineral water, lovely and calm Lake Parz, proximity to such marvels of Armenian religious architecture as Haghartsin Monastery and Matosavank. The area is ideal for hiking tours and cultural-naturalistic excursions.