Artstrun Avetikyan

My twin brother and I liked all the lectures and seminars of the Future Leaders Orientation Program-they were highly informative and touched upon currently relevant issues and hot topics. When it comes to the work placement scheme, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for granting us that opportunity: it was great to get to know Mr Zelveyan, the chief cardiologist of the city of Yerevan. Professor Zelveyan is not only a superbly qualified doctor but also an open-minded and benevolent person in general. The attitude that Mr Zelveyan has towards his patients further accelerates their recovery. We took part in routine checkups, did a blood test, got acquainted with medical equipment, too.

My parents and I think that we have now acquired the necessary knowledge base and skills to choose any profession and delve into it with an aim to further develop our knowledge, of course. The program has been very useful in terms of our professional orientation. However, there is still plenty of time before we will make a final decision where to continue our education.







Maria Chibukhchyan

I liked each and every component of the program. Had I known slightly more about cameras, it would have also been easier for me. On the other hand, this lack of knowledge of photographic equipment is what helped me learn more. Our supervisor, Mr Aleksanyan, explained everything in an engaging and fun way. Although I liked all the lectures, I attach great value to the ensuing discussions. My parents were delighted to learn our school offers an occupational orientation program for undecided teens or those who need professional supervision and advice.  Interestingly, at the beginning of the program, I had no idea whatsoever where I wanted to go after graduating from high school. This program helped me realize what I like doing most: at the moment I am convinced my niche is in the realm of art especially if we take into account the fact that it could be considered a morally rectified professional realm. I might change my mind at later stages of decision-making but it is bound be a much less stressful transition thanks to this program.









Elizabet Terzyan

I learned legal skills. To be more precise, some so-called legal ”tricks” which has helped me realize the significance of being alert and detail-oriented. The program also helped me to familiarize with the profession and comfort myself that my desire to pursue a degree in law is a well-advised, reasonable and feasible choice. My parents are very happy that I have gained some experience in my preferred field.












Anna Manasyan

We learned the basics of marketing. Additionally, we used SPSS program for the purpose of our research. The latter targeted 50 students from Year 8 to Year 12 at Global Bridge. The findings were exposed and thoroughly discussed in our eight-page Armenian language report and presentation. My parents are content with my participation. The work placement scheme gave me an opportunity to figure out whether I want to further study marketing or not. I am not sure where I will end up being but I will probably choose it as my future profession. Bella Muroyan, one of the participants who I collaborated with doing research, has made a final decision to go on to study marketing.











Erna Hovhannisyan

I can proudly declare that this professional orientation program helped me make a definitive decision regarding my future. The work placement scheme was very educational and transmitted essential information. Now I am certain I CAN become a lawyer. My parents are satisfied with this outcome and should like to extend their thanks to the organizers.











Arman Droshakiryan

My work experience scheme at the Administration of the President of the Republic of Armenia was a unique opportunity and a great honor. Each of the five days was dedicated to a particular area or issue or a combination of several ones. To be specific, we discussed various constitutional designs, the presidential power and authority, popular demands and expectations and the extent to which they are constitutional. The practical component of the work experience plan was also very rigorous. I read several laws and had relevant discussions regarding their nuances. On the second day, I already had an assignment-to propose constitutional changes. Further, I had to read two bills currently being considered by the National Assembly, amass materials concerning the areas they might affect and put forward written suggestions. I am delighted that they were praised. I am certain law is the field where I will have a bright future.









Ruzanna Nazaryan

Thanks to my participation in the Future Leaders Orientation Program, I was rewarded with a crucial thing-my full identity. I could not make up my mind and choose my future profession while I used to think I knew my preferences, my strengths and weaknesses very well. Although I had received plenty of advice and had been exposed to a myriad of perspectives, I could not find myself in this sense. As it turned out, I had been lacking a work experience opportunity as well as a chance to heed attention to professional advice, something that I had access to thanks to the program. What I learned as a result of my engagement in the program is hugely important. My parents approved of my participation and now believe I am capable of choosing my profession independently. And yes I have made up my mind: although I was placed at the Institute of Cardiology under the supervision of Professor Zelveyan, I have decided to pursue a degree in finance. It must be noted that I learned a lot from this program.







Hakob Matosyan

This program gave me a chance to do the job I would like to do in the near future. Apart from this, the participants met different professionals and listened to their advice on career orientation, which undoubtedly helped us a lot. I firmly believe I benefited greatly from this unique opportunity, too. Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr Garik Poghosyan, the organizer of this program, who was so devoted and friendly during the whole process doing his best to provide the participants with a valuable and unforgettable experience.